Website Development:

At Brandchise, we understand the difficulty in — and importance of — a beautiful and functional website as a tool to capture new clients as well as new franchisees. That’s why we have dedicated an entire division of our company to online development and marketing.

Today, you need more than just a website. You need an online presence. Five years ago you could get away with hiring a website company that was an “expert” at graphic design and SEO and you were golden. NOT ANYMORE.

Today, you need more than just a good looking site. That’s why we develop content management systems, not websites. There’s more on this idea below, but here’s the gist: you don’t want a static website — a “virtual business card” — you want a platform that attracts new clients, educates potential franchisees (so you don’t have to waste so much time on the phone), builds a list, and keeps people coming back to the site. And that’s exactly what we have mastered.

We go beyond templated websites by creating unique, Google-friendly and user-friendly designs. All of our websites are responsive (work on any size of device, including tablets and phones), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, and franchise ready.

When you hire Brandchise to develop your website, we start by scouring your existing site for ideas on what is and is not working, for content we can keep or modify, and for great images. Once we have that down, we start the design phase. Once the design is heading in the right direction, we work on building the infrastructure (SEO systems, comment systems, contact forms, location maps, integrated blogs, coupon and sales systems, etc.) before we finalize your new website and send it out for the world to see… and love!

Website Examples:

To see a partial list of the websites we have developed across a variety of industries, please take a look at the following:

Brandchise Website

Natural Dentistry