BrandChise® provides our clients
world-class franchise operations and training manuals.

Are you concerned that your franchisee will question why they just paid you a big franchise fee for a boring black and white manual that lacks any real instruction or guidance?

Are you concerned that your form or template manual doesn’t provide any choreography with your Franchise Disclosure Document? You should be.

But don’t be fooled by imitators. The quality of franchise operations manuals varies greatly. Sure, you can download template manuals for cheap. But have you considered what the franchisee will think when they see your downloaded form template manual?

We take a very different approach to producing Franchise Operations and Training Manuals. We provide a fully customized, colorful, step-by-step set of materials that will make you look very good in front of your franchisees.

3 Steps chart

Franchise Operations Manual imageDon’t spend time and money producing manuals that will become dust collectors and door stops. Let BrandChise® produce a set of materials that will earn you a “Wow” from your franchisees.

We provide your finished product in a beautifully bound kit that includes editable digital copies of your materials.

We also provide you training in the proper use of your manuals within your franchise system.

We take great pride in the quality of the manuals we provide our clients.

You will too!

I cannot tell you how happy we are with the finished product of our Franchise Operations Manuals! The quality and content is second to none. Thank you for your amazing product and we will be sure to recommend BrandChise® to anyone regarding your service.

Lonnie Feldman – Vice President, Pops Corn, Inc.