At BrandChise® we can do as much or as little as you like.

We offer consulting packages that range in scope of services from simply providing you the essential elements to legally franchise your business, to highly comprehensive full-service packages that take care of everything for you.

Most BrandChise® franchise consulting clients fall into one of the following groups.

  • Existing Business Owner Wants to Franchise: Independent owners with an existing business with one or more locations who would like to grow their business through franchising.
  • Franchisors: Existing franchisors who are looking to enhance their franchise programs.
  • New Concepts: Entrepreneurs who have an idea for a franchise business who want to help starting the business with the idea to eventually franchise.

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Initial Consultations

Making the decision to franchise your business is an exciting and busy time. We will sit down with you and help you properly assess whether franchising is good for you and your business. Often times our consulting takes on many forms not easily outlined on paper. Discussions such as how to properly brand your company for franchising, how to set up your office to encourage franchise sales, even how to talk to franchise prospects are all items you can be sure BrandChise® will provide for you!

Strategic Franchise Business Plan Development

One of the most enlightening and idea-provoking exercises that people who are new to the franchise business can do is to create a franchise-focused business plan. We will work directly with you, helping you create a comprehensive business plan which will become the roadmap to launching your franchise. In the creation of the business plan, we will address key strategic decisions such as:

  • Should we sell Area Developments?
  • Are we right for Area Representatives?
  • What sort of training should we offer?
  • What is our ideal franchisee?
  • What will our financial position look like if we sell 5 franchises in year one?
  • What will it cost to advertise our concept?
  • Should we change our business to better accommodate franchisees?
  • What is our Mission Statement?
  • What expectations do we have for our franchisees?
  • How can we best compete with our competitors?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • What is our “Key Differentiator”? Also known as “Secret Sauce”.
  • Should we charge 3% or 8% royalty? Should we charge a flat fee?
  • What should the Franchise Fee be?
  • Should the first franchisee pay the same franchise fee as the 10th?
  • How long is training? Who pays for training?
  • What sort of support will we provide?

And the list goes on! BrandChise® will work with you to create a comprehensive strategic business plan. This document will be a living, breathing work that will continue to evolve as new business developments occur. BrandChise® will continue to consult you on these changes during the duration of our partnership. We will always be available for questions and consulting on the entire scope of your business strategies to help you plan for future growth.

Franchising Financial Kit

BrandChise® will develop a detailed cash flow analysis along with the business plan. This projection includes a five-year financial model with details on the sales of franchises including unit economics. The developed franchising model will allow you to understand what your franchise organization will look like as the business continues to grow. In addition, BrandChise® will complete a companion presentation and narrative to help support your efforts when working with investors.

FDD Liaison with Legal Counsel

You have a business to run, and for this to be successful it is important that you continue to run your business better than ever before! We know that creation of big documents like the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) can seem like a daunting task. However, working directly with the franchise attorney, we help you focus your communications so that all scheduled and important deliveries of information – and even helping you understand the agreements – is within the reach of your team right here at BrandChise®.

Since BrandChise® works with the franchise attorney each and every day, we can help you keep your hourly costs down by making sure that we take on much of the time consuming back-and-forth moving of important information.

Your Franchise Company Entity

It is important for the protection of the Franchise Model to have an easily defined entity, which is used as the legal entity for your franchising operations. BrandChise® will work with the Franchise Attorney to help complete all legal paperwork and the operating agreement for this company to complete the franchise model if not already completed.

Preparation of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Perhaps the most important document when it comes to the Franchise system, the FDD must adhere to several legal points. BrandChise® will obtain the proper information on your business to be included in the FDD.

Since the FDD is meant to be the heart of the franchise sale, BrandChise® will work with the franchise attorney and help make it “sales friendly” while still working to make sure it will protect your franchise system legally. Included will be the “Franchisee Compliance Certification,” a special addition to the FDD which helps protect you from frivolous suits. Obtaining a trademark or a patent for your unique business system, product or names, etc. will be necessary. The trademark and/or patent are protected in the FDD. Also needed are the full financial statements for the initial offering, and we will need to include audited financial statements of the newly formed entity with the registration of the FDD.

Preparation of the Unit Franchise License Agreement

As well as our experience in developing, organizing, managing and growing several franchises, BrandChise® understands the need for a strong Franchise License Agreement. BrandChise® will structure and consult with you on placing the proper information in the Franchise License Agreement. Our third-party legal team will write the document and provide it in the required format.

Trademark and Registrations

One of your greatest assets is your branding. Two strategies are necessary for protecting your brand – diligence, and legal registration of your logos, trade names, and slogans. BrandChise® will work directly with the franchise/trademark attorney to help you with this important step.

Multi-Unit Development Agreement

A Multi-Unit Development Agreement, or MUDA, gives you the opportunity to sell multiple units to one franchisee by setting specific contractual rules to govern this practice. This addition to the Franchise Agreement will be a key ingredient in incenting your franchisee prospects to commit to open more than one location. Again, we will work directly with the BrandChise®-approved franchise attorney to help make this all happen seamlessly.

Unit Franchise Operations Manual

No one in the franchise industry writes more engaging, relevant, and professional Franchise Operations Manuals than BrandChise®! A successful franchise must be able to be duplicated, and it also must be able to be presented in a compliant and expertly-written format. A business operations manual must be included in the franchise package and provides the unit franchisee with the blueprint of the system being acquired.

BrandChise® will work hand-in-hand with you, spending appropriate amounts of time on the actual job site to understand your business’s unique processes. Armed with this information, we will develop a comprehensive, colorful, fun, and thorough operations manual – not some templated manual that simply is re-purposed over and over again. This will be the lifeline for your franchisees to your system, and a primary tool to ensure consistent and proper adherence to your system standards.

Employee Training Manual

BrandChise® has had significant experience in writing materials that clearly communicate the skills necessary for your employees to excel. BrandChise® will work with you to identify the skills and responsibilities which need to be documented, and will assemble those in a comprehensive manual.

New Franchisee Owner Training Manual

So now that we have a beautiful and comprehensive Franchise Operations Manual, it’s time to make sure we properly train your new franchise partners on all the important information it contains. With the careful use of chapter tests, knowledge quizzes, and other educational tidbits, this manual will become the heart of your new franchisee training program.

Manual Training and Review

We don’t just hand you a set of manuals! We actually train you how to use those manuals and also help you understand the strategy and thinking behind why they were created the way they were, as well as how that further helps protect your business and enhances the ability for your franchisee to prosper in your system.

Franchise Sales Materials

A highly professional image of your franchise company from the start will enhance the franchise sales efforts. The standard essential for any franchise sales effort is a franchise sales brochure. BrandChise® will develop and design a professionally created franchise sales brochure for production. BrandChise® will also design a Franchise Application to help ensure that all candidates are qualified.

Discovery Day Presentation

Presentations are a mainstay of franchise sales. BrandChise® will create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation for use on your Discovery Days. This presentation will include all the basics of your concept and will be reviewed by you during its creation to ensure it accurately presents your concept.

Franchise Sales Training

The ultimate franchise sales training program is the one that attracts sales as well as ensuring that you are taking on franchisees that enhance your brand. In this course, we reveal the systems and secrets of the best franchise sales professionals for generating quality franchisees. BrandChise® will also provide the franchise sales manual to accompany this course.

Franchise Sales DVDs

Not many franchise consultants offer a digital sales DVD you can add to your website or feature in your trade show booth. A sales video is arguably the most effective mass sales collateral you can provide. And our exclusive method of Attraction Marketing gets your sales program moving! Brochures are nice, but video is king. Your franchise sales video will be professionally produced and exciting, colorful, and compelling. And… Action!

Corporate Identity

Working with the BrandChise® graphic design provider, we will help you modernize your logo and to create stationery and business cards to help you promote your franchise. We don’t just create a new logo – we design and craft for you a comprehensive branding package to make your brand shine!

Franchise Sales Marketing System – Plan

While BrandChise® continues to grow and develop your organization with the assistance of franchise sales, it is vitally important not to overlook your marketing activities. BrandChise® will document and plan a complete sales and marketing plan-o-gram and budget to help your organization growth through a much more effective speed to market strategy. This plan will be a highly valuable service provided as part of the franchising process.

Discovery Day Training and Presentation Creation

All sales efforts lead to the all-important Discovery Day. Discovery Day (AKA Decision Day, Meet the Company Day, Interview Day) is the face-to-face meeting, usually at franchise headquarters, that is expected to end in the final decision of the franchisee to buy a franchise. How you organize this day is critical to the success. We build for you a presentation that allows you to walk your franchise prospects right through all they need to know to make a good decision.

Website Design Consulting, Social Media and Public Relations

Everyone needs a website. BrandChise® will provide for you a standard yet colorful and appealing website your customers can visit that will help them clearly understand your product, your company, yourself, and your franchise opportunity!

Once you have a website, now it is time to let the world know about it! At BrandChise® we know how to leverage powerful Social Media techniques to drive awareness to your franchise. In fact, you can even utilize social media as a franchisee support mechanism!

For brand awareness, nothing beats good PR. BrandChise® will work with you to create powerful and relative PR to get your brand noticed.