Things We Support

Lakeland Eagles Youth Football

BrandChise® supports youth athletic programs and helping guide the leaders of tomorrow. Lakeland Eagles is a youth football and cheerleading organization for boys and girls ages five through fifteen. The program not only teaches the skills to play the sport but also how to work as a team, learn discipline, and understand responsibility.

Birds of Hope

Birds of Hope was created by two middle school girls who returned from a mission camp and learned bout the unsafe water conditions in many parts of Africa. Instead of forgetting about this after they returned home, they decided that they wanted to make a change. These young ladies now make small birds and sell them, with the proceeds going to “Active Water”, a non-profit organization who brings water filers to those who need it in Africa.

Minnesota Teen Challenge

Minnesota Teen Challenge has been working with teens and adults struggling with drug and alcohol addictions throughout Minnesota for over 25 years. BrandChise® supports the support, hope, healing, and freedom that this program has provided for many people over the last 25 years and is glad that they will be there for many years to come.

Stuff We Like

International Franchise Association

The International Franchise Association, IFA, is a membership organization of franchisors, franchisees, and suppliers. This professional organization is dedicated to improving the franchising industry through education, trade shows, seminars,and a strict code of ethics. BrandChise® is not only a supplier member, but an active member of the IFA community.